Case Studies

French Group Courses

Rachel Murray-Leonard completed Beginners, Holiday and Social French courses in 2020:

I completed the course because of a general interest in French/France and an opportunity to connect with friends doing something positive, rather than usual drink based socialising! I found the course really enjoyable. The tutor (who I am lucky enough to call my very good friend) made the sessions fun, interactive and practical which was what I was looking for. Jessie was happy to accommodate our needs, offering to add more grammar if we wanted it or to focus more on conversation. The sessions were structured so it felt like progress was made even though the approach was relaxed. Would thoroughly recommend and would definitely consider more sessions in the future. Would thoroughly recommend 😊

Roberta Mangieri learns 1:1 with Jessie since completing her Holiday French and Social French courses in 2020:

I have nothing to add to my general feedback on this course, rather than was a very good one!! It was a great company during lockdown, Jess is very attentive, supportive and prepared an the materials. The course was good especially for people that had already knowledge of the language!! I found it very motivating, in fact i have repeated twice and i have  decided to have also 1:1  lessons!! 🙂 

Children’s Classes

Clare Norman’s daughter learnt Spanish with Jessie for 6 months in 2018-19:

My daughter (4 at the time) had weekly Spanish lessons with Jessie and really enjoyed them, especially the games and quizzes at the end of a term. Each class would be themed and really helped encourage learning numbers and the alphabet. Jessie was great with her and I was amazed how much of the language she picked up!

Zuzana d’Acri’s son Toby learnt Italian with Jessie for 6 months in 2018-19:

Toby (5) has been with learning Italian with Jessica for 6 months and it has been such a valuable and fun experience for all of us. Being a former language teacher myself, I very much appreciate Jessica’s understanding of children’s essential needs for fun and excitement, when learning new skills. The lessons have been overflowing with games and tangible resources to illustrate new vocabulary and getting Toby speak in new language. I was concerned that it might be a challenge to tutor such a young child – Toby is only now starting to read, but this hasn’t been a problem at all. Besides the academic, we also hugely appreciate Jessica’s caring approach to Toby and initiating a positive (almost family-like) relationship. It’s really been a great start!

English as a Foreign Language

Beatrice Ambrosini learnt English with Jessie at UniCredit Bank in Verona in 2005-6:

I knew Jessica in Italy, she was my English teacher. I attended a business English course with her for a couple of years and I found her teaching really useful. She uses different methods to improve listening and comprehension, reading and writing (videos, texts, exercises, …). Opened discussions with her to improve the vocabulary and to put in practice the grammar rules. She is really loving and patient, she tries and tries again to explain you and she helps you to reach your goals. She understands your needs and tries the best solution that suits for you. I really suggest Jessica to improve your language… my best teacher!